The interior styling and curating service, specialising in one-off modern and contemporary furniture, objects, art and textiles, that give homes a sense of timeless quality, beauty and wonder.


Rachael Barraclough has spent twenty years curating contemporary design exhibitions and advising clients on building collections of C20th and contemporary furniture, ceramics, glass, textiles, woodwork and metalwork. For five of those years she curated the annual Sotheby’s Decorative Arts Selling Exhibition and showed many well known names such as Ron Arad, Hiroshi Suzuki, Mattias Bengtsson and Herzog and Demeuron. For another five years, Barraclough set up the design programme at the well known London art gallery, Haunch of Venison, showcasing work by designers such as Barber Osgerby and Stuart Haygarth. For many years she has advised the star of British design, Thomas Heatherwick, selling his limited edition furniture to museums and collectors from around the world. Barraclough has built up an extensive network of hugely talented makers and designers with whom she works to commission bespoke furniture, lighting, textiles and other decorative art pieces.



Says Rachael ‘We live in a time of such luxury that many of our personal spaces now feel too perfect, possibly sterile. My goal is to stop the hotelification of our homes and to give them back their sense of intimacy, patina and beauty. Equally to make offices and reception rooms elegant and inviting to give visitors a more individual and memorable experience. The secret ingredient is adding the odd piece which has a flash of daring and quality. I love mixing a valuable Franco Albini table with a set of Jasper Morrison chairs with an old, inexpensive vase sitting on it.’

For those interested in working with Rachael at Modern ground please get in touch with her office: Often prospective clients are encouraged to come to her monthly soirees in London to get a sense of how she likes to do things.

Quarterly Sales ‘Rachael’s back’:
Once every three months, Modernground has a selling exhibition of objects recently sourced from around the world. These objects are launched online and also in during a 4 day sale at a C19th converted shop in the heart of Brixton, London. The 4 day sales are accompanied by pasta lunches and cream teas and often  some live music.